codebreaker ai

Accurately Predict Buying Behavior in NANOSeconds

CODEBREAKER AI analyzes anything written by your prospect to immediately and accurately identify their buying personality, coach you on the best way to communicate, negotiate, and close the sale with them, and even tell you whether or not your proposed response is effective!


Without studying in the BANKVAULT or training at our CODEBREAKER Summits, you’re unlikely to have mastered each of the B.A.N.K. intelligences yourself. That’s where CODEBREAKER AI comes in. You have the advantage of all this knowledge at your fingertips in nanoseconds, with the added benefit of eliminating human error and biases. It’s like getting the world’s best translation software for the language of sales! Instead of spending countless hours studying, you get the maximum results that come from mastering B.A.N.K. instantly.

$59.00 PER MONTH


Close More Sales Faster with CODEBREAKER AI

CODEBREAKER AI a is revolutionary technology that uses artificial intelligence to instantly and accurately crack your prospect’s B.A.N.K Code without asking them anything! It’s your secret tool to close more sales faster. It’s fast, easy and fun!

codebreaker ai gives you:

Unlimited Instant Code Analysis: Copy and paste text from emails, messages, websites, social media posts, or even LinkedIn profiles to instantly learn your prospect’s B.A.N.K Code.

Voice Decryption: Just click the microphone button on your phone to capture and decrypt your prospect’s Code from phone calls or meetings.
Quick Tips: Optimize your conversations and presentations based on each prospect’s Code.
Response Review: Make sure you have a winning response in the right Code.
Response Suggestions: If you don’t nail the right Code on your first try, get helpful tips on how you can improve your response and try again until it’s perfect.